Te Deum

  1. We praise Thee, O God (Adagio, SATB)
  2. To Thee all Angels cry aloud (Largo e staccato, 2 altos, TB unison
  3. To Thee Cherubin and Seraphim (Andante, 2 sopranos, SSATB)
  4. The glorious Company of the Apostles (Andante - Adagio - Allegro - adagio - Allegro, tenor, bass, two sopranos, SSATB)
  5. When thou took’st upon thee to deliver man (Adagio - Allegro - Adagio - Allegro, SSATB)
  6. We believe that thou shalt come to be our judge (Largo, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, SATB)
  7. Day by day we magnify thee (Allegro, double choir: SST AATB)
  8. And we worship thy name (SSATB)
  9. Vouchsafe, O Lord (Adagio, SSAATB)
  10. O Lord, in thee have I trusted (Allegro, SSATB)