Music by JS Bach

Inequality in JS Bach
February 1997
Recordings by Catherine Bass, Heather Crossman, Guy Crossman and John Draisey with John Byrt (harpsichord)

11. Opening movement of Cantata 21: “Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis”

First extract:

Second extract:


12. Extracts from the opening movement of Cantata 140: “Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme”

First Extract


Second Extract 

Wachet auf (extract)


JS BACH Keyboard Music  – John Byrt (harpsichord) 1993.

 13. Fugue in D major (Book I of the 48)

Interpretation by Dolmetsch and Donington

My unequal interpretation


14. Allemande in B minor from French suite no. 3, opening



15. Fugue in D minor from 48 Book II


16. Prelude on “Nun komm’ der Heiden Heiland” (Orgelbüchlein), opening


17. Fugue in F sharp minor from 48 Book I, opening


18. Prelude in C minor from 48 Book II, opening

Original (Right Hand only)

My unequal interpretation


19. Prelude in F sharp minor from 48 Book II

20.  Allemande from Partita No 4 in D major



25. Prelude BWV 546 (see chapter 12, exxx. 12.4 – 6)
Performed on 14th March 1973 by Kenneth Mobbs, on the Nicholson organ in the Great Hall, Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol